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Gift Vouchers

Below are the details of the vouchers I currently have on offer.

Consultations may take place in person if the customer is based in Dublin,
or else over the phone or by email.
"Standard Tassels" Gift Voucher 30.00 View details »
Standard Tassels (30.00)
  • 3 standard sizes (small/medium/large)
  • round or heart-shaped
  • satin and/or sequin
  • red and/or black
  • with or without hand-made tassel (i.e. tassels or pasties)
  • includes one consultation
"Pick 'n' Mix Tassels" Gift Voucher 40.00 View details »
Pick 'n' Mix Tassels (40.00)
  • 3 standard sizes (small/medium/large)
  • round, heart- or star-shaped
  • satin and/or sequin in any of my standard colours (black, red, pink, blue, gold, silver, purple, burgundy, white, green)
  • with or without hand-made tassel (i.e. tassels or pasties) in the following colours: red (bright or cherry), black, white, pink, bright blue, green, yellow
  • includes one consultation
"Bespoke Tassels" Gift Voucher from 50 View details »
Bespoke Tassels (from 50)
  • made-to-measure for an exact fit
  • any shape (within reason)
  • any fabric or combination of fabrics
  • any trimming / decoration
  • with or without hand-made tassel (i.e. tassels or pasties) in any colour
  • includes two to three consultations
    • an initial consultation
    • a personal fitting if based in Dublin (may be included in the inital consultation) or a posted fitting if not in Dublin
    • a consulation for confirming the final design
The cost of bespoke pasties starts at 50 euro and depends on the cost of the materials used and on the amount of labour involved. You may choose to buy a Bespoke Voucher for a set price e.g. 100 euro. I will then design and create pasties to that value. Alternatively you may purchase an open voucher. In this case, I would not take payment until after the final consultation. A rough estimate will be given after the first consultation and a final figure after the final consultation. I will begin making the pasties on receipt of the payment.
"Ruby deMure" Gift Voucher from 20 View details »
Ruby deMure (from 20)
    A Ruby deMure Gift Voucher can be used against any purchase, including bespoke work. Gift Vouchers are available in any denomination from 20 upwards.

    To purchase a Gift Voucher, contact Ruby by clicking here...
    If you have any questions, just hollar!
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