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About Ruby deMure

Luxury Burlesque Accessories, bespoke or readymade, all hand-made with the highest quality materials and all the love a girl can put into little things!

Specialist in bespoke tassels and pasties.

Well hello there! My name is Ruby. I live in Dublin, Ireland, where I'm glad to say Burlesque is alive and well :-)
I like to think I'm a small part of the wonderful world of Burlesque by providing other lovers of all things glamourous and gorgeous with tailored accessories.

From stage divas to the girl or boy next door, I make nipple tassels and pasties, garters, stocking toppers, collars, brooches, spats, bow-ties, eye-patches and more.

I make items to measure, designed especially for you with top-quality materials and an unmatched attention to detail.

I also make stock items that you can buy "ready-made" and soon I will be providing a facility on the website to allow you to design your own accessories from the materials that I regularly keep in stock!

I update this website regularly, so make sure to keep checking it. If you'd like to contact me, you can do so by clicking here or clicking on the pen icon at the bottom of any page on the site.
You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter if you're the social networking type :-)

Ruby deMureTM is a registered business name, based in Dublin, Ireland. 2007-2019